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Law Firm in Los Angeles, CA Rager Law Firm is a leading Employment law firm dedicated to protecting the people, not the powerful. The attorneys at Rager Law firm are specialized in workplace disputes including discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, and unpaid wages. Over the past several years, attorneys at Rager law firm have established themselves as those willing to go to trial to better their clients outcome. Jeffrey Rager attorney is awarded as one of the best Los Angeles wrongful termination attorney.
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read moreHere at Rager Law Firm, weve counseled and represented clients who were the victims of some form of unfair or foul play at their job. Many clients are afraid, at first, to go against their company for fear of retaliation. But our attorneys have the experience it takes to help you weather the storm. Many sadistic employers count on your fear in order to get away with unfair treatment and bullying. But standing up to them legally with the help of our employment law attorney Los Angeles will remedy that mentality in a hurry. We have trained legal professionals who have seen it all and have gone up against even the toughest of opponents and have come out victorious. We have the knowledge and the manpower to handle your case.


Lawrence Villa
read moreAttorney Jeff Rager is a super lawyer. He's smart and intelligent and I was so happy to have him as my attorney representing me on my wrongful termination case. He explained everything in detail of my case and made sure that I completely understood what was going on and I really appreciated that. If I had any questions about my case or concerns he would answer them immediately. Jeff handled my case with professionalism leading to a very happy settlement. If Jeff Rager accept you as a client in handling your case then you are definitely in good hands.
Robert Wascher
read moreJeff is, without question, the most passionate, hardworking, ethical and competent attorney I have ever met. We retained him to file a lawsuit against a $53 billion a year company that went on to hire an army of lawyers from two national law firms to represent them.

Going up against this giant and powerful organization, and its horde of attorneys, was one of the most stressful experiences I have ever gone through. But throughout the entire 4-year battle, Jeff was there to encourage and support us. For months, as the trial date approached, and during the trial itself, he worked on our hugely complex case 7 days a week, often staying up until the wee hours of the morning to prepare for trial. His devotion, commitment, passion, and kindness carried us through some very challenging and scary moments during those 4 years, including the many times when we felt that we could no longer go on with our lawsuit against this Goliath.

I really cant say enough positive things about Jeff. If he believes in the merits of your case and accepts you as his client, you can be assured that nobody will work harder, more passionately, or more competently on your behalf than Jeff. He is an exceptional attorney, a kind and caring human being, and, quite frankly, a giant-slayer. I will never forget his courage and self-confidence in going up against the army of aggressive lawyers hired by the defendant. (In the end, we won our case, and to the obvious surprise of the arrogant and powerful defendants and their legion of attorneys.)

Jeff is a credit to a profession that is often not viewed very favorably. He is honest, ethical, extremely knowledgeable, and once he accepts a case, he will work himself to the point of exhaustion to seek justice on behalf of his clients.
Mark Woods
read moreAttorney Rager is a gifted investigator, keen detective, skilled litigator, and personal friend. His astute attention to detail, innate understanding of law, tenacious pursuit of justice (particularly for the "small" worker swallowed up by a Corporate Giant), combined with his mastery of business administration, maintains him as an UNBEATABLE FORCE in both personal and corporate forums. Attorney Rager is very personable, professional, and capable and NEVER waivers or retreats from the opposition! Whether you need to take on a Corporate Giant, HMO, or Small Business Owner, Attorney Jeffrey Andrew Rager is your man!
Raul F.
read moreHad an incredible experience with Jeff Rager and would recommend him to anyone looking for a lawyer. I had never been involved in a law suit before so was understandably nervous and uncomfortable. Jeff was patient, thorough, and incredibly supportive throughout the entire process. 100% satisfied. (And I won.)
Doreen O.
read moreI have been healthcare professional for over 25 years. I was abruptly terminated from my job and deprived of a chance to even defend myself on accusations set forth about my performance. The accusations were without merit and lacked proper company investigation.

My co-workers, who were in disbelief advised I seek legal advice. Something I would not have considered and knew nothing about.

Then I met Mr. Rager. And after discussing my case, we felt confident that he could help me.

Jeff Rager is a man with high integrity who is professional, knowledgeable and incredibly personable. He is always responsive to his clients needs.

As his client, his replies to me either by phone or email were always quick, no matter how trivial the question. He is down to earth and always told me where I stood in the case as well as make recommendations on how to proceed.

Mr. Rager stands passionate about his job and compassionate when helping those who are wronged in the employment industry. When I became depressed and doubting myself. Mr. Rager would not let this happen. He continually inspired trust and confidence in me to go on. He frequently reminded me during my low points, that I executed no wrong-doing to warrant my dismissal from my job.

His approach in the courtroom was exemplary; always being cognizant of his appearance and presentation while maintaining respect for all court members, including the witnesses, and fellow attorneys. No matter which side they are on!

Finally, I'd like to say that Mr. Rager had never faltered in his believability of me nor the case at hand.

I highly recommend Mr. Rager. With his expertise in employment law, I could not have asked for a more caring and competent attorney.

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read moreAs an employee in the workplace, there are certain rights that are afforded to you; certain guarantees that are written or strongly implied. Whenever any of these rights or guarantees are infringed upon,...
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