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LA is expensive, but your small business advertising doesn’t have to be. Valpak’s shared direct mail concept packs a triple advantage: a trusted brand, highly targeted marketing and affordable rates. Valpak of Los Angeles invites you to join the iconic Blue Envelope of coupons, the couponing site, and the mobile app for smartphones and tablets.


Surveys show paper coupons are still cool: 8 out of 10 people open the Blue Envelope and browse the offers every month. We’ll work with you to design the best vehicle: standard inserts, cardstock, loyalty cards, circulars, multi-panel flyers, coupon booklets, on-envelope, and solo direct mail pieces.


Valpak of Los Angeles works with all types of businesses including shops, entertainment and travel, LA restaurants, professional services, general services, home and office, health and medical, beauty and wellness, and many others.

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100 Corporate Pointe #280
Culver City, CA
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(310) 642-4447
(310) 642-4447
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