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Marketing by data has been a leading online marketing company since 2008. Our full service digital marketing solutions range from Search Engine Optimization, Paid Advertising, Marketing Strategy, Email Marketing, Video Marketing, and more.†

We help professional services all over the country generate more clients through various online strategies. From doctors to lawyers to auto repair shops, we hold the knowledge and marketing principles that have proven successful.

Our ecommerce clients find that the tracking we set up and the analytics we use to optimize their marketing campaigns pays off immediately.†

Our proprietary marketing techniques such as SOAR (search, observe, analyze, refine) set us apart from everyone else. Contact us today to get started on your customized solution.

We have a great wealth of experience integrating marketing campaigns and using data to drive the success. Data is our foundation and we use it to help develop our strategy, optimizations, and campaigns. At Marketing by Data we do not charge you a fee and never show you results.†

Our value is felt by our clients from our initial discussion. We immediately begin providing value and suggestions that help businesses perform better.

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365 W Alameda Ave #208
Burbank, CA
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(866) 869-4452
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Search Engine Optimization
We provide expert consulting for SEO for websites, video, amazon, ebay, and more.
Website Development
We build optimal converting and SEO websites. It is not only about looking pretty but it is also about conversion and ranking. Our websites get organizations the most out of what they need.
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Free Website Audit
Get a free website audit that is worth $500. This will show you the areas that need to be worked on in order to obtain the best SEO results.
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Testimonial #1
Numbers dont lie, and success will usually follow positive numerical results. I had the pleasure of hiring Jason and Marketing by Data to overhaul our basic website analytic footprint as well as make core design changes to improve our email marketing campaigns What he did for our email template was to introduce the proper way of using the CTA button effectively which resulted in almost a 30% increase in email opens. As far as online analytics were concerned, Jason helped us filter the performing keywords used in our GA accounts and also assisted us in improving our meta tagging, and page title headings. Jason made changes that now serve as the foundation of our web analytics and how we track our website metrics. These are but a few things that Marketing by Data did for our success.
ByJuan Francisco
Testimonial #2
Jasonís SEO skills are apparent from the beginning. He is passionate about his work, and his advice on how to structure my website was invaluable. His continued help is absolutely priceless. He not only helped me with my website, but gave me advice on how to design my mobile site differently to make it more user friendly and easy to navigate. I would highly recommend Jason for SEO and online marketing services any day!
ByAnna Kernbaum
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(866) 869-4452
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Jason Wright
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